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   Fiscal Services
Fiscal Services - End of Session Information: 2009 | 2010
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
Per-Pupil Education Funding
2008 Recovery County by County
School Sales/Use Tax for School Infrastructure 
Daily Receipts
Interactive graphs and tables.
State Employee Salary Book
A database of state employees salaries. Search by name, city, or agency.
Budget Schedules
The schedules provide financial information for all agencies in State government. The information used in creating the schedules came from the Department of Managementís budget system. The Legislative Services Agency has not altered any of the financial information. The information is organized by department. For each department there is a list of accounts called budget units. Each budget unit represent a distinct account within a department.
Bill Analysis (NOBA)
Fiscal analysis of appropriations and ways and means bills. Find bills by session, number, and title.
Fiscal Notes
Analysis of the fiscal impact of bills and amendments.
Fiscal Note Data Requests
For use by agencies responding to data requests from the Fiscal Services Division.
Administrative Rules Fiscal Impact
Analysis of the fiscal impact of changes to administrative rules.
Analysis of the FY 2012 Budget and Department Requests
LSA Analysis of the Governor's FY 2011 Budget Recommendations
LSA Preliminary Analysis of the Governor's FY 2011 Budget Recommendation
Ways and Means
Estimates and other information related to the Ways and Means Committees
K-12 Education
Estimates and other information related to K-12 education and the School Foundation Aid Formula
Senate Appropriations Committee
House Appropriations Committee
Fiscal Committee
The State Appropriations Process
Learn more about Fiscal Services
Fact Book
Statistics on Iowa's government, economy, and population.
Fiscal Facts
Fiscal statistics for the State of Iowa, including revenues and expenditures from the General Assembly's most recent session.
Fiscal Report (Graybook)
Annual summary of fiscal information and analysis of legislation passed by the General Assembly of Iowa.
Fiscal Topics
One- to two-page summaries reviewing a selected State government issue or topic.
Fiscal Update
Fiscal Services newsletter, published weekly during session and periodically during the interim.
Summary of Iowa's General Fund Budget:  2008 |  2009 |  2010
The report examines the changes in revenues and appropriation activity through the fiscal year. The report also includes information on Iowa's reserve funds, a summary of the General Fund balance sheet over the last five years, and historical data on revenues and appropriations.
Issue Reviews
Detailed reviews of selected issues concerning State government.
Monthly Medicaid Forecast
Results of the most recent monthly Medicaid Forecast Group
Long-Term Revenue
A spreadsheet showing revenue by category back to FY 1848.
Monthly General Fund Revenue Memo
Fiscal analysis of the prior month's General Fund receipts.
Monthly Total Tax Memo
Fiscal analysis of net State total tax receipts.
Quarterly Revenue Estimate
The Revenue Estimating Conference estimate of General Fund revenue.
State Debt Report - Numbers outdated on the 2009 report, the LSA debt report will be updated in fall 2010.
A summary on the debt of State agencies and authorities for the most recent fiscal year available.

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